About Me


I’m Andrea. I’m 35 years old, live in Central Florida, and I’m a single mom to the most amazing/frustrating/perfect/aggravating/smart/funny/witty/sarcastic/beautiful seven-year-old little girl, Miss A. Her dad and I separated in September 2013, when she was 5 years old, and for 18 months it was just her and me when her father (referred to on this blog as “Mr. Dad”) moved out of state. He’s back now, and we share custody 50/50. I also started dating Mr. Amazing in 2015, and he’s been a wonderful addition to the family and potential stepfather to Miss A.

I initially started this blog in 2007, when I was pregnant with Miss A. I’ve documented our adventures ever since, and now I’m reviving the blog to document some of the more challenging parts of being a single, working parent. In addition to blogging, I work in the online marketing field, but also indulge in many hobbies, such as being a  bleeding heart liberal and complete geek prone to be found playing video games and Magic: The Gathering.