10 Ways to Earn Cash for Christmas

10 Ways to Make Cash for Christmas

Need to earn extra cash for Christmas this year?

Thanksgiving is on the horizon, but you may be already filling your head with anxiety about the impending Christmas season and all the gifts you will need to buy, parties to attend and extra expenses that are outside your normal budget. The good news is there is still plenty of time to make a little cash for Christmas before the big day!

Let’s look at 10 ways you can make some extra cash for Christmas, Hanukkah, or any other upcoming holidays:

1. Participate in Amazon’s trade-in program! Click one of the following links to go to the right category for the product you’d like to trade in. You could earn up to 80% back on books, regardless of where you bought them, and Amazon will give you an estimate on other products, such as video games and electronics. Amazon will even pay for you to ship the products to them!

Amazon Book Trade In
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Amazon Video Games Trade In

2. Do surveys online. This may not seem like much, but just doing a few a day from sites that pay for your opinions can really add up.

3. Save all your change from now until Christmas shopping time. You would be amazed at how much you really can save up. Everything counts, even pennies. In 2 months, I was able to save almost $100 once. You have to be diligent and not touch it for any reason, though. At the end, cash it in at your bank and skip the Coinstar machine as it takes around 9 cents per dollar you cash in.

4. Selling your and your child’s outgrown clothing that’s still in good condition in lots on Craigslist or to consignment stores is a great way to bring in some extra cash for Christmas.

5. Sell a service. You may not have much time, but housecleaning is usually a great way to gain some extra income. In just a couple hours a week, you could make a couple hundred dollars in time for shopping. Many people would love to have you help get their home ready for the holidays or even post-holiday meal cleanup after Thanksgiving. If cleaning is not your forte, try offering services for house or pet sitting when people go on holiday vacations.

6. Take on a part time holiday job. Many places offer seasonal work this time of year with as few as 10 hours a week. If you can squeeze in the extra time, this could give you the funds to get what you need and want for Christmas and as an extra bonus, you might be able to get an employee discount at the place you work at. This could mean extra savings if you take on a retail job.

7. It might seem unconventional, but participate in a focus group or a clinical trial. Doing so could get you a couple hundred dollars in a few short weeks, which really adds up to lots of extra cash for Christmas! To find clinical trials and focus groups in your area, search online or look in the paper as many of these places put ads in there.

8. Donate Plasma. Donating plasma is a great option for most healthy adults because it pays decently well (think up to $300 a month!) and is perfectly safe. Make sure you get in on this soon and make a commitment as the people who earn the most with this do it a couple times a week. Each session will likely take you at least an hour, so plan on childcare and make sure you eat a good meal before.

9. Forego some expenses for a couple months. Do you have non-contract cable or cells? Skip them for a couple months and you could end up with all the money you would need. Instead, go for a service like Netflix or Hulu for entertainment for under $10 a month.

10. Offer a holiday service. Watch kids so moms can shop on black Friday. I don’t know how many times I have heard from friends, “I wish I could get in on these deals, but I don’t have anyone willing to watch my kids this early or that day.” You could do a big kid’s black Friday party that morning and have friends or neighbors drop their kids off for you to watch. Charge for the whole day or buy the hour. You may miss out on the good deals, but there is always Cyber Monday!

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