The Best Part of the Day

One of the questions I ask Miss A daily, as part of our “end of the day” routine is, “What was the best part of your day?” Only, I don’t always save it for the end of the day. Sometimes, I ask it throughout the day, like, “What’s been the best part of your day so far?”

I find that, no matter what we’ve done during the day, whatever we’re doing right then is the best part of the day.

Example: We had just come back from one of her friend’s birthday parties — which was amazing! An hour and a half of bouncy house fun followed by cake and ice cream! We got home, and went outside to blow bubbles, and during a moment to breathe, I ask, “What’s been the best part of your day so far?”

“Blowing bubbles with Mommy!” she replies.

Later this evening, after going to the grocery store and having dinner, we headed to the park for some playtime. After the park, we stopped for ice cream, and I asked her what was her favorite part of the day.

“Eating ice cream!” she replies.

Then, as I’m rubbing her back after reading bedtime stories, I ask her what her favorite thing was about the day.

“Snuggling with mommy,” she replies.

I feel like there’s a lesson to be learned there. Four-year-olds have such a zest for life that whatever they’re doing at any given time is the best thing ever. When do we lose that? What if we still had the mindset that right now is the best part of our day?

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