Wordless Wednesday: New Haircut

I’ll eventually get good pictures posted instead of cell phone pictures — having some technical issues with my computer at home ­čÖé

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Wordless Wednesday: Birthday Card

Okay, not so wordless — This
card Angelica made is awesome. The front has a person at the top of a
mountain, a video game control pad, the number of levels beaten, and an
“LC” for “level complete”. The little person at the top if the mountain
is well drawn…but oddly looks like the grim reaper. And the back of the card has us at a birthday party. And
the inside…well, no, I don’t let her call me by my first name. But
it’s cute ­čÖé

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Wordless Wednesday: Cat Pillow!

Angelica’s Pre-K Graduation

It’s been a big week for Angelica! Today was her pre-k graduation! I could write a whole long post about it, but I took photos and videos, so let’s let them speak for themselves!

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Wordless Wednesday: Angelica is FIVE!

1 month
6 months
1 year
18 months
2 years
2 1/2
3 years
3 1/2
4 years
4 1/2
(almost) 5

Happy birthday to my BIG girl who turns five today!

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Wordless Wednesday: That Doesn’t Look Comfortable…

Wordless Wednesday: Mother’s Day at Walden

Replica of Thoreau’s cabin
Scott & Angelica on Walden’s beach
Sign pointing to the original site of Thoreau’s cabin
The site where Thoreau’s cabin was
The beautiful pond, on the opposite side from the beach

Miss A’s Belated Age 4 Check Up

Two weeks ago, we finally got to have Miss A’s four year old checkup at the doctor. Yes, I realize she’s almost five. We had a few hurdles to jump over to get this appointment — first, getting her records from her pediatrician in Florida was harder than we thought it would be, and nobody would make an appointment unless we had them in our hands already. The first time we requested them, they never came. The second time, we got a blank CD. The third time, we finally got the CD and made the appointment…and then the fates worked against us and we had to reschedule the appointment.

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Wordless Wednesday: Dress Up Time

Wordless Wednesday: Doing What Kids Do Best

Waiting for snuggles
Teaching her My Little Ponies “popcorn words”
Baking cookies
Being goofy
Singing, playing Leappad, and drinking chocolate milk
Playing comet toss (one of this month’s Kiwi Crate crafts!)
Waiting for dinner
Doing “Zumba” in Daddy’s boots and ringing jingle bells (from her Babbabox)
Playing Princess Candyland
Ready for bed!

January/February in Boston = COLD outside. We try to keep it fun in the house and I think we do a good job.

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